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Homelessness is a big concern. Not having a secure home, sleeping on a friend's floor, or having to live on the street can seriously affect a person's health, wellbeing, job prospects and feelings of safety and security.
Why do housing providers, including housing associations, almshouse trusts and private partners, matter? Well, in our area they own and manage... more than 46,000 "general needs" flats and houses
New housing allowances announced
What is a food bank? Food banks support people in financial crisis who cannot afford to buy food and/or fuel.
Cambridge is growing with approx. 33,000 houses being built over the next 15 yrs. and an expected additional population of 50,000 people. This will put enormous pressure on the transport network, environmental management, energy infrastructure and health and social care.
Solid vs cavity walls
Specialist housing for the elderly (residential and nursing homes) is intended to enable people to live independently.
Why is this data useful?
What is this homelessness data about? Every year, district councils complete and return a form called the P1E to the Department of Communities and Local Government (CLG). CLG shares the information as a "live table".
High fuel costs - low income-New fuel poverty data available In May 2014, the Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) released new estimates of the number and proportion of households across the country living with high fuel costs and low incomes.