Twenty years of house sales

National data

In June 2016, the Office of National Statistics released a new set of data all about the number of house sales and prices for the whole of the country, based on ONS and Land Registry information from 1995 to 2015.

This data is really helpful when we are looking at long-term trends and changes in our housing market.

There is a whole list of data available, some national and some at district level, which helps us understand and compare trend over time in the housing market.

Local data

To help local residents and organisations make the best of the data we have released a selection of useful stats just for our area, namely

  • Cambridge
  • East Cambridgeshire
  • Fenland
  • Huntingdonshire
  • South Cambridgeshire
  • Forest Heath
  • St Edmundsbury
  • Peterborough

For these eight areas we have picked out the following key highlights:

  • Number of sales of new build housing
  • Number of resale housing (i.e. the traditional "second hand" market)
  • Median price of new build housing
  • Median price of resale housing

Want to find out more?

The ONS has also provided detail including

  • Lower quartile prices
  • Mean prices (that is, the arithmetic average rather than the median)
  • Number and prices of sales of different property types e.g. detached houses, semi-detached, terraced and flats / maisonettes
  • Upper quartile prices

All these are very useful and interesting, but we thought we would start with what we see as some key headlines, if people use these we will look at adding more. In the meantime, we hope the eight datasets we have uploaded are useful.


The source data lives on the ONS website, here

You can find all the notes on methodology and reliability etc on the ONS web pages and links to all the national data mentioned above.

You can find our local data (just the eight areas, not the whole country) in the data set named "House prices and sales"

You can find out more about our local housing market in our Housing Market Bulletins here

Note about our graph

The graph above sets out a snapshot of resales (solid lines) and new build (dotted lines) for the districts in our local dataset. The "stacked graph" format aims to highlight the number of housing sales which are "second hand" compared to the number which are newly built in each of the eight districts covered. The colours represent each district, reading from bottom to top of the graph the are Cambridge, burgundy; East Cambs, orange; Fenland, pale green; Forest Heath, dark blue; Huntingdonshire, dark green; Peterborough, purple; South Cambs, pale blue and St Edmundsbury, pink