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4a. Number of trees by species and council land-use

Count of trees, broken down by species, within each ward according to council land-use.

Other species include: Alder species, Almond, American lime, Amur maple, Apple cv, Apricot, Aralia spp, Ash species, Aspen, Atlas cedar, Austrian pine, Balsam poplar, Bastard service tree, Bay, Bee tree, Bhutan pine, Birch species, Bird cherry, Black cherry, Black mulberry, Black poplar, Black walnut, Blackthorn, Blue Atlas cedar, Box, Box elder, Broadleaf cockspur t, Camperdown elm, Cappadocium maple, Caucasian ash, Caucasian elm, Caucasian lime, Caucasian wing nut, Cedar of Lebanon, Chestnut species, Chinese necklace, Chinese red barked b, Chinese weeping will, Chittamwood, Clerodendrum, Cockspur thorn, Common alder, Common alder cv, Common hornbeam, Copper beech, Coral bark willow, Cornelian cherry, Corsican pine, Cotoneaster spp, Crab apple, Crack willow, Cut leaf beech, Cypress species, Dalecarlican birch, Damson, Dawn redwood, Dawyck beech, Deodar cedar, Dovostonian yew, Downy birch, Eastern hemlock, Elaeagnus spp, Elder, Elm species, English elm, Erman's birch, European hop hornbea, European larch, False acacia, Fastigiate hawthorn, Fastigiate oak, Field maple 'Elsrijk, Fig, Fir species, Foxglove tree, Goat willow, Golden alder, Golden ash, Golden Indian bean t, Great white cherry, Green ash, Greengage, Grey alder, Grey poplar, Hazel, Highclere holly, Hillier's cherry, Himalayan birch, Hinoki cypress, Holly, Holm oak, Honey locust, Hornbeam cv, Hungarian oak, Hupeh rowan, Hybrid black poplar, Hybrid cockspur thor, Indian bean tree, Indian horse chestnu, Irish yew, Italian alder, Japanese cherry cult, Japanese crab, Japanese larch, Japanese Privet, Japanese rowan, Judas tree, June berry, Kashmir birch, Laburnum, Laburnum spp, Lammas Land, Larch species, Large leaf lime, Laurel, Lawson cypress, Leyland cypress, Lilac, Lobel's maple, Lombardy poplar, Magnolia spp, Maidenhair tree, Manchurian cherry, Manna ash, Maple species, Medlar, Midland hawthorn, Mongolian lime, Monterey cypress, Moose - bark maple, Mop Headed Acacia, Myrobalam plum, Narrow leaf ash, Nootka cypress, Norway spruce, Oak species, Oriental plane, Oriental thuja, Paper bark birch, Paper bark maple, Pere David's maple, Persian ironwood, Phillyrea, Pin oak, Pine, Pissard's plum, Plum, Poplar species, Portugal cherry, Pride of India: Gold, Privet, Rauli, Raywood's ash, Red alder, Red buck eye, Red flowered horse c, Red oak, River birch, Rose bud cherry, Sargent's cherry, Sargent's rowan, Scholar's tree, Scots pine, Siberian crab, Silver leaf maple, Silver lime, Silver weeping lime, Single leaf ash, Smooth Arizona cypre, Smooth leaf elm, Snake bark maple, Snowy mespil, Sorbus Joseph Rock, St Anthonys Walk, Stag horn sumach, Strawberry tree, Sweet gum, Tibetan cherry, Tree of Heaven, Tulip tree, Tulip tree (fastigia, Turkey oak, Viburnum spp, Walnut, Walnut species, Weeping ash, Weeping willow, Wellingtonia, Western red cedar, White ash, White flowering ches, White poplar, Winter flowering cherry, Wulfstan Court, Wych elm, Yew, Yoshino cherry, Young's weeping birch

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