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Mill Road Air Quality NO2

Pollutent Description

Combustion processes emit a mixture of nitrogen oxides (NOX), primarily nitric oxide (NO) which is quickly oxidised in the atmosphere to nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Nitrogen dioxide has a variety of environmental and health impacts. It is a respiratory irritant which may exacerbate asthma and possibly increase susceptibility to infections. In the presence of sunlight, it reacts with hydrocarbons to produce photochemical pollutants such as ozone. NO2 can be further oxidised in air to acidic gases, which contribute towards the generation of acid rain.

The data is available from 08/07/19 to 28/10/19.

The data in this release file is broken down by hourly increments.

The fields within the dataset are based around the individual serial numbers of the sensors. The location of the sensors, including the individual serial numbers, can be accessed here:

****Please note- Data for sensors 189245 and 292245 was unable to be extracted for the most recently release. This is being investigated****

Field Descriptions:

Serial Number_Pollutant_PreScaled- un-calibrated (prior to ratification)

Serial Number_Pollutant_Scaled- calibrated  (This is the raw data without any verification / correction factors applied.)

Serial Number_Pollutant_Unit- unit measurement

Serial Number_Pollutant_Slope- slope of the line used in linear regression to calibrate the monitor (not used in pre-scaled results)

Serial Number_Pollutant_Offset- – data offset of the line used in the linear regression to calibrate the monitor (not used in pre-scaled results)

Data Preview: Note that by default the preview only displays up to 100 records. Use the pager to flip through more records or adjust the start and end fields to display the number of records you wish to see.

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