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Cambridgeshire Automatic Cycle Counter Counts 2018

This workbook summarises headline data for the Automatic Cycle Counters across Cambridgeshire in 2018. It offers headline 7 day average for 24 hour counts for each site for each week in 2018

The labelled date range cover the week commencing the date given in each column.

For full details of the physical location of these counters, please click here.

Please note that due to the unreliability of the counters as a legacy system, it has not always been possible to extract a seven day average for each week.

Where it has not been able to extract a seven day average, a blank (-) cell has been included.

Due to the unreliability of the traffic counters over a course of a twelve month period, this data release will form part of a series of open data releases. 

This dataset only includes the total count over each site and not a breakdown by each channel, The next phase of the release will look to download more detail.

For any specific queries, please contact


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